July 3, 2009

Perspective: 40 Under 40

Perspective, a prestigous Hong Kong-based art and architecture magazine, has shortlisted Lefty as one of the winners of its annual "40 Under 40 Awards", which is featured in its July '09 issue.

Other winners that Lefty shares this honour with include:

Kelichiro Sako, his company, Sako Architects, has been taking part in various projects in Beijing since 2004.

Sloerd Hoekstra, who set up Three Dogs in Hong Kong as a specialist outlet for visual merchandising and store planning. Crocs, Vans, and SmartTone-Vodafone are just a few of its many clients.

Vincent Pang, who holds a master's degree from Columbia University in New York and is alsothe founder of VPang Architects and VAP Design, Hong Kong.

It is a very privileged moment for Gilamon Studio - not only because Lefty is selected among such calibre of talents - but also because comic book art has been recognized as part of the main force of the art and design industry.

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