December 18, 2006


On the 18th of November, Gilamon were invited as a sponsor for JUICE DJ Quest Regional final at Zouk. Its a battle between Singapore's Champ DJ Soulja and Malaysia's Ben Cracko. Lefty was there with Tim Homicidal and Joe Tribe to witness the kick-assed performance by Ben who deservingly came up on top. Congratulations!!!

December 1, 2006

Massive Attack

Our first event in 2007 would be the biggie organized by Territory entitled Massive Territory. Major designers like Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Lab (Japan), Joshua Davis (US), 123Klan (France) and Kinetic (Singapore) will be in town for this big bang of a conference on the 13th of January. Don't forget to come over to our booth if you guys are there! See ya!

MDeC Grant

Gilamon's proposal was short-listed among the 20 finalists for MDeC(Multi Media Development Corporation) Grant. We went in for the presentation on 20th Dec, after a nerve wracking day, we were among the 10 who were selected to received the grant. We were very grateful for the swift decision of MDeC for disallowing Ben(one of the judges and also a colleague from our day job) to vote for us. The winning couldn't be so meaningful if not for that. Another happy note was fellow comic artists Krom and Azhar, who share the same passion for comics were among the winners as well. Congratulations to all and like what Judge Milx said, "Next, we want to see products!" You bet you are gonna see product from Gilamon, sir.

Sci-Fi Con and 24-Hour Comic

Its very generous of the science fiction convention to have a comic zone. We put a booth there for the Saturday and Sunday sessions. Unfortunately the date of Sci-Fi Con clashed with Comics Fiesta, hopefully we could participate in both event next year. The high-light of Comic Zone was Malaysia's very first 24-Hour Comic challenge. Lefty were among the 20 participants who have to finish plotting, scripting, drawing and lettering 24 pages of original comic artwork within 24 hours. It was an up hill battle but like what Scott MacCloud said, we learnt so much from this experience that drawing comics may not be the same again. Newsarama had a write up on this event as well.

Digi Street Blast

We were among the street wear labels for Digi Street Blast @Bukit Bintang. We had such a good response from the people who came that day, we just want to say thank you to you all again. Must take note for bigger size t-shirts for people like DJ Jungle Jerry was interested in Major Zombie: Fly but the L size was too small for him. A Swedish designer who was here for holiday picked up our last piece of Zombie JUICE tee for the night(our display unit) and wears it on the spot! The best part of the evening was Digi was kind enough to showcase all the street wears on the main stage, worn by the designers! Michael was our representative to strut around on stage with others such as Kenji Black Fryday, Steven Scorn and Sherry Spunkz.

Billy Tan In Town

Top Marvel artist, also fellow Malaysian Billy Tan came back for a visit and nice enough to make time to have dinner with us. He was having a tight schedule during his two weeks visit juggling between Penang and KL, family and relatives, friends and work(yes, he still has to complete some pages during this visit). We had a short but warm fellowship over dinner. Among the presence were Tan Eng Huat(who revealed to us his superb Judge Dredd pages), Chee, Aliow, Sau Lim, Lefty and Billy's equally talented brother Munkao who were nice enough to be our photographer for the night.

November 1, 2006

Bizarre Side of Sau Lim Pt 2

2 new short stories by Sau Lim are added in our gallery.
“A Fable of Revolt” is a satirical take on our local censorship board, who are capable of churning out rules and regulation that are much more bizarre than this story.
“The Anti-Boyfriend Story” is just a simple angst chic story. Well, with a touch of supernatural maybe. They are published in Utopia Magazine #95(1 Dec) and #96(15 Dec) respectively.

Beautiful Junk 2006

Michael went solo to Penang with the help of Kenny and Shaw Ming of Comic King/StarTalk(Thank you, guys). BJunk this year has the same good crowd, good exhibition and good music. Among the designers or design units who took part were Tin Toy(KL),, Bard(UK) and BKK2(Bangkok). Some of the great musicians who performed were Damn Dirty Ape, Citizen Of Icecream and Nao. The festival of art and noise was held on the 11th of November at Galleri Seni Mutiara, Armenian Street, Penang. We want to thank Chun Woei and the gang for organising this event. Until next year...

Rabu*Rabu, Anyone?

That means “Love*Love” for us commoners and its the latest comic strip by Michael to be serialised in Malaysia’s Gempak magazine. This humorous strip is about Eliz and Willie and how their curious nature put them in some whacky spots. Man, its really hard to discribe Michael’s work and make it sounds interesting, you all gotta read it yourself. Gempak #168(15 Nov issue) marked the launch of the series which featured a cover and an interview piece of Michael.

Manual Not Auto

Manual Epoch(M.E.) is a speciality shop for custom designed canvas shoes. We were invited by M.E.’s brain childs Mape, Jazz & Childson for a crossover project and Michael has done one. Among other designers who have left their mark on M.E.’s canvas was Tribe and Black Fryday. Michael created the character “Matt” specially for M.E.

Beautiful Junk Penang

Beautiful Junk is here again and this year the theme is “Hero”. We have contributed three posters for this exhibition. The festival of art and noise will kick start at 11am on the 11th of November at Galleri Seni Mutiara, Armenian Street, Penang. Apart from the posters exhibition, there will also be designer bazaar and life music performances on that day. You can buy our t-shirts, including Lefty’s “Hero and Sacrifice”(see description below), which is specially released for this event, and comics over there. If you can’t make it on that day, you can still check out the posters for they will be on display until the 18th of November.

X Cup’s 1st

Michael and Lefty were featured in Taiwanese designer magazine, X-Cup September ‘06 issue. X-Cup is a sister publication of the acclaimed X-Fun magazine. We were imvited to contribute a piece of work with the theme, “My 1st Experience”. Please click on the thumbnails on right to check them out.