January 6, 2006

Cool in KLue

Gengkey 100 artbook is featured in Klang Valley's top trendsetting, mind openning mag KLue. If you don't know what KLue is, you are probably not from KL. Anyhoo, with Gengkey 100 on the first page of Pulse section(KLue Jan '06, page 27), Mike's head has now swollen to the size of Keropok Boy*'s tummy.
*Keropok Boy is a character from the brilliant "Malaysian Superhero" comics, currently serialised in KLue.

January 1, 2006

New Outlet to get out Ts

BunnyEgg urban stuff, a new street wear outlet in Johor Bharu(JB) will be carrying our line of apparel. So to all Johorian, do head over there and tell the good folks of BunnyEgg that the Gilamons send you ;) Their address is: Danga Bay, 93A, Festive Street Mall,PTB 21343, Batu A1/2, Jalan Skudai, 80200 Johor Bharu, Johore. So far, here are the outlets that carry our series KL: KIDULTS, S087, 2nd Flr, Sg Wang Plaza KK: MARIONETTE, D36, 3rd Flr, Centre Point Sabah

Street Roar

We had a table in the flea market area during the one day indie music fest. The turn up was better than we expected eventhough it was a gloomy and wet day. KL PAC is located in the beautiful Sentul West. When we first got there, we all felt like we stepped foot on foreign land. Among the exhibitors were Urban Cr3atures of Penang, which featured Gilamon's posters in their lot. Gan from culturefight.org was there to promote the site as well as selling some authentic gas masks! We had a real good time enjoying musical performances by local bands White Light, Citizen of Icecream as well as ace foreign musicians such as Dzap Dau Dau(all girls cutie pop-punk group that turned Mike's knees into jelly), Sub(China), False Alarm(HK) and Kazumasa Hashimoto(Japan).


As part of the plan to make gilamon easier to reach by the masses, we have obtain another url, comic.com.my. Not only it is easy to remember, its also a strong representative of our direction. So from now on, either you key in gilamon.com or comic.com.my, you will come to this site.

Got Milk

Acclaimed Hong Kong artist Elphonso Lam(who was with us during last Decembers' Malaysia Comics Carnival) has featured us in the popular trend mag, Milk(#230-232). Elphonso talked about his trip to Malaysia in his column. Many photos and artworks were shown. On top of that, he has made an exclusive drawing based on our characters. Snipets from the mag is shown here.

A big thank you, Elphonso. You have made our day, punk!