April 1, 2006


Sunday Art “Lelong”(auction in the Malay language) Event will be the next project for Gilamon. We will be among the 7 design units to exhibit and sell our limited edition products for the event. S.A.L.E. is organised by Galleriiizu, an art gallery that gives a lot of exposures to the local design scene. We will launch our Gilamon Comics #2 as well as 2 brand new designs to our t-shirt line during this event. S.A.L.E. will be on from the 7th to the 27th of May. Apart from collecting Gilamon’s comics (from the previous #0 till the brand new #2), t-shirts and posters, you could also get cool stuffs from other fine designer units such as Trinity, BigBrosWorkshop, Rena Puah and Little Syam. Our complete line up of t-shirts will be up on display during this 3 weeks event. Please drop by Galleriiisu which is located at 19A-2-1, Mezzanine Floor, UOA Centre, Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, just opposite of the new KL Convention Centre. Its open from 11am to 6pm everyday. Galleriiizu would normally have an event/exhibition on every 7th of the month, the recent ones are the UseAgain Project Asia and Frank Woo’s installation COMM.BLK. For more infomation, log on to galleriiizu.com or call +603 23801121

Asian Coverage

Mike has been featured in 2 designer magazines recently. First up is ISH, a bi-monthly mag on various aspects of art. Its has a 2-page interview with Mike and his Gengkey 100 artbook. ISH is published by the Singapore based Page One Publishing Limited. Secondly is a Taiwanese design mag called DPI which allocated a few pages to focus also on the art from Gengkey 100.

Hong Kong Underground

During Lefty’s holiday in Hong Kong, he managed to check-out Comix Magneto, an exhibition that gathers almost all the non-mainstream local artists. This is a Hong Kong comics art exhibition that you won't see any of the usual kungfu stuffs, almost as refreshing as an American comics exhibition without super heroes. The concept of this exhibition is, each artist prepares his/her own artwork based on a numbers of triangular blocks. Some of the artists even turn their creation into an installation art piece. To get more info, go to comixhomebase. Among the notable artists are Li Chi-tak, Stella So, Ted Young, Craig Eu Yeung, Ah Hing and our friend Elphonso Lam.

100 Elphonsos

Speaking of Elphonso, his "Rock n Roll Burn" journal in Milk magazine is approaching its 100th appearance. To celebrate this grand occasion, he has invited 100 artists to contributed drawings of his comics self. The Gilamons are fornunate to be among the 100 artists and here are our version of his punk-ness. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate him on this occasion as well. Here is to another 100, man!!!

Global Territory

Territory will feature an interview with the Gilamon trio in the May issue. On top of that, we will also be giving away Gilamon Comics #0 to the early batch people who buys the designer mag. For the first time, Gilamon Comics will be available in Japan, Europe, Hong Kong and US thru Territory. The numbers of comics given out are quite limited so please be quick about it. Gilamon would like to thank BigBrosWorkshop for making this possible on such short notice.

Gilamon Comics 2

Our long awaited Gilamon Comics is finally on the way. This issue will feature a few surprises including new characters, new collaborations and mystery guests. Major Zombie won't be back yet(but he will!) for Lefty has a new story to tell, Sau Lim's Agent Smith will be battling some weird techno-beast and get ready for Mike & Sau Lim's new creation which will be drawn by Mike. Its all new and its all good and you could read it in May!

JUICE Grab 02

Get a copy of JUICE April and stand to own a Gilamon t-shirt. This is the second in a total of 3 different design of t-shirts we are giving away thru JUICE. This month, we are giving out the brand new Major Zombie: Fly t-shirt by Lefty. Even if you didn't not win, JUICE is still a cool mag to have. Best of all, its free! Find out about JUICE here.

Throw Up

Not literaly but graffitically. Throw up means a quickly written piece of wall art mainly made out of bubble letters. It was also the theme for Klan's Graffiti Competition 2 which was held outside their store in Melaka on the 26th of March. Lefty were fortunate enough to be invited as one of the four judges(the other three were April Kwan, JUICE mag editor; Joo Hong of Radioactive Clothing and the man himself, Joe TRIBE) Lots of people shown up and did their thing. We had good fun eventhough we were under the sun(better than if it rained, actually) and the boozes provided did cool us down rather effectively. Lefty were impressed by the graffiti writers that came from all over the place even as far as Kelantan. And again, thanks to Joe for a really fun event. We hope to be there again next year.

Cool View

Recently we were interviewed by a trendy lifestyle magazine, Cool. IThe interview is published in their March issue. If you want to know more about our take on fashion and design(and if you could read mandarin), do buy a copy, ya?