January 29, 2008

BFD Year 2

Black Fryday
, one of the few Malaysian independent designers that is still active, has just celebrated its 2nd anniversary in January. A special box-set that consist of a t-shirt, a trucker cap and a cell phone stripe was launch during this event.

It is still available at Manual Epoch (M.e) No:F1. AV.97 & 98, First Floor-Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid.

Black Series II: Xmas in the Summer

Our long awaited crossover project with Boundlezz is schedule to be out soon (actual release date will be announced here once its confirmed, fingers crossed). There are 4 designs with a 5th special incentive design. All the t-shirts are produced in a limited quantity and each comes in a special package with an exclusive Major Zombie #1 comics. Its available in Taiwan, HK and Malaysia. Check them out @Boundlezz, Lot S132, 2nd Floor, Sungei Wang, Kuala Lumpur.

Major Zombie: The Movie

In&Out features a bogus interview with Major Zombie in the January issue of Star Talk (issue 27). Find out all about it but don’t believe everything you read :)

January 18, 2008

Welcome to Gilamon Studio

Hey there, Gilamon Studio is founded by 3 sequential storytellers, namely Chin Sau Lim, Michael Chua and Lefty. Comics is the common ground for this group but we also venture into the graphic design territory using comic book elements as our edge. We already have a web site, but after much discussion about the best way to update our news online, we figure a blog would probably be it.

We are still testing our efficiency in this though so please bare with us. Do come back from time to time to check out what we are up to :-D

(FYI- That red Japanese word above reads as "Gilamon". Why Japanese? Well, We just love the Japanese Hiragana & Katagana as graphic element. We also love those crazy Japanese mangas)