February 1, 2005


To all Malaysian readers, Slaium's Drak trade paperback(TP) is coming out in March. This digest size, 172-page, full colour TP will collect the entire run of the series (from Utopia magazine #26 to #39) and its sold for RM7.50. For our overseas friends, check out some of the artwork here. Like most DVD, I mean TP, there are a few bonuses added by Slaium and company (which, incidentally includes fellow Gilamon Michael and Lefty). This TP is also art directed by Michael.
Presenting here is a sneak peak of our work from Drak.

Gilamon In Tokyo

As we mentioned earlier, our t-shirt has been displayed at Tokyo's Design Fiesta made possible by Hide san. The fiesta not only expose us to the Japanese audiences, but also to some shop owners. Binary, which situated the the red hot Harujuku district in Tokyo, is now carrying our brand. Once again,our thanks to Hide san.