November 1, 2007

Northern Exposure II

We love Penang (Especially Lefty) and we will be there again for Beautiful Junk on the 10 of November. Hopefully lots of people from the Klang Valley would also go up to support our creative community up north. Wallpaper is this year’s theme and this event will feature exclusive artworks from Funkbuilders(S’pore), Peter Stemler(USA), Vector Junkies(Indonesia), Nemostudio(France) and a whole lot more. Not to mention a string of local designers will also be featured. There will also be live performances from Damn Dirty Ape, Paku, Six Strings Samurai and more. Don’t forget, the lovely Penang-ites hospitality is there to greet us as well.

Click on your right for Gilamon wallpapers specially for this event.

October 1, 2007

Northern Exposure

On the 6th of October, Gilamon we’re invited by Cathay Cineplexes Sdn Bhd for a talk up in their Penang Prangin Mall cineplexes. Titled “Up Close with Gilamon”, the talk was held in one their newly opened cinema halls. Lefty and Michael were there addressing to an almost packed hall of comics/design enthusiasts. Apart from telling about Gilamon’s background and future projects, we also shared about character development in a story. The crowds were far more responsive than we anticipated, which was a good thing. We had so much fun chatting after the session that the management have to break us up because they have to start the movie.

Gilamon would like to thank Joanne of Cathay Cineplexes Sdn Bhd for her persistent in organizing this event, also for Kwong Hwa Daily’s excellent media coverage and Sunday Hotel’s accommodation.

For those who could read mandarin, click here to read Lefty’s interview by Kwong Hwa Daily.

24-Hour Comic Malaysia Round II

20 Oct. 2007 marked another historical moment in the Malaysian comic scene as it was our 2nd annual 24-Hour Comic Challenge. The event, which was held in conjunction with the world 24-Hour Comics day, was organized by Cedko in Cineleisure, Damansara. 51 artists were taking part in the challenge and an impressive 38 artists managed to complete the task. Among them are Milx, the main man who first suggested to have the 24-Hour Comic Challenge in Malaysia, Sunder, Eisu, Aimo, Hanie, JC Wong, Monkey Monyet and Oren. That day also marked the launch of “24-Hour Comics 2006” graphic novel, collecting all the works from Malaysia’s 1st 24-Hour comics, which include the works of Lefty.

Nike 26 Degree X Bearbrick Project

Lefty’s Bear, Major Zombrick, is in coverage by Star Talk 25 and Gempak 191. Michael’s In & Out bear(which was a work of Jon Dep, his partner in this project) was also featured in the interview.

September 1, 2007

Star Talk

Lately, the “"In&Out" team (Michael and Jondep) has been busy interviewing local t- shirt designers, the team’s agenda is to introduce more creative talents from the indie design scene to the general public. Learn more about what they have discovered in the column of ‘Star Talk’, a local lifestyle magazine.

Gengkey Fever

The long awaited 4th graphic novel of Gengkey has scheduled to be release in September. The graphic novel ‘Gengkey Fever’ consists of 24 episodes of Lowkey’s hilarious adventures and articles from Mike. His interview regarding the graphic novel can be found in Gempak Magazine issue 187.

Gila T Availability!

For those of you who are interested in owning a Gilamon T-shirt or for those of you who likes to do charity donation, do drop by the stores listed below and grab our T, for coolness sake or for good karma!

-Lot L3-58, 2nd Floor, Mines Shopping Fair, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.
-Lot 1-07, Ground Floor, Central Market Annexe, Jalan Hang Kasturi, Kuala Lumpur.
-Lot S132, 2nd Floor, Sungei Wang, Kuala Lumpur.
-Lot116, 1st Floor, Cineleisure Damansara, 47810 Selangor.
-G-21, Jalan PM 4, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka.

Online stores that carry our products are & (well, apparently, both site are in their revamp state right now)
So, be patient and check out those sites once in a while. Remember, good karma!

Pipit, the 1st Anniversary!

Pipit- one of the local indie design magazine is celebrating their 1st anniversary.
To share this joyful day with fellow designers and artists, on 15th September Pipit is having an “independent artist & designer event 2007” at Galleriiizu, located at Central Market Annexe.

Invited by Pipit as guest artists. Michael will be working on a freestyle drawing on paper cores, crossover with Nvrmnd@eightyfourcube, while Lefty will do his crossover drawing with Milx. Apart from our regular Gilamon heroes, other talented designers like Sourmilk, Ebangelione, Urban Creatures, Actiontintoy & more will have their fair share of demonstration section as well. For more information, please visit Pipit.
Not to forget, Pipit Magazine issue 2 will showcase our Gilamon latest
T-shirt series- -Gilamon Black.

Do check it out!

August 1, 2007

We All Love Molly

On the 18th to 20th of August, Kenny Wong (Ex- Brothersfree) was invited to Malaysia Comic Carnival at Sungai Wang. To spice up the event, a crossover art book “We Love Molly” was published, featuring comic book artists from Gempakstarz and Gilamon. Other than exclusive interviews and articles about Molly, the art book’s main selling point is-- each artist was ask to re-create Kenny Wong’s character using their own distinctive style.
Later on 24th until 26th of August, those brilliant Molly illustrations were being exhibited in Singapore’s Basheer Cityroom as well as Hong Kong’s Kubrick APM on 7th to 28th September.

Freak Club

After the commercial success of Utopia High few years back, Sau Lim reluctantly brought us the sequel. But this time, he’s making a cult comic, for like-minded readers only. Utopia High: Freak Club is now compiled into graphic novel and out in the market. Fight Club’s space monkey, pay attention! You are not your money; Buy this comic!
Check out Sau Lim’s interview in Gempak Magazine issue 183.

Nike X Gilamon: Quick Is Deadly

Yup! That’s the title for the latest Nike Zoom series. Being a design base cartoonist like Mike, it’s no surprise that he was invited to work on a crossover project with Nike x JUICE. Do check out the August issue of JUICE(if its still available) and witness the story of 10 incredible circus performers who struggle to escape from their wicked ringmaster.

June 1, 2007

Back In Black

Gilamon new series of T-shirt is finally here. It called the Gilamon Black series and the whole range will be printed on hard core black tees. There will be 4 designs, first 2 is out in July while the next 2 will be available by the end of the year. Design 01 is Bela: Death is Certain by Sau Lim. Design 02 is Lefty’s Major Zombie: Jump. 02 is a re-mastered version of our previous design. We made this again because the respond to the previous version was very overwelming. And because you demmanded it, we have made XL size for this series. The tees will be available in Headquarter, Cineleisure and Galleriiizu’s brand new digital gallery from 7th July. We have prepared limited edition posters for those early birds who buy our products so come quickly. All tees will be packed in a stylish black capsules with freebies like mini comics and stuffs thrown in. You can also buy them online at teelive soon.

Galleriiizu’s digital art gallery will have its grand opening on the 7th July at Lot1.07, Ground Floor, Central Martket, Annexe, KL. We will be there to promote Gilamon Black with BigBros’ “I Love You Baby” character artbook.

Please email us at for all order enquiries.