December 1, 2005

T available

Our Gilamon Ts(which are hand printed and very limited) are now available at Kidult in Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur and Marionette in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. There are only handfuls from each outlet so be quick if you are interested. Kidult and Marionette are fashion outlets that focused on our local designer's Ts, so you can find lots of interesting items there which are not available anywhere else. Kidult's house brand is Homicydal while Marionette's just called Marionette.

Kidults S087, Second Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur.
Marionette D36, Third Floor, Centre Point Sabah, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah,
East Malaysia.

Mike's Golden Dragon moment

Congratulations to Mike for bagging the 2nd prize in the category of "multi-frame" comics at the second Golden Dragon Awards 2005.


Malaysia Comic Carnival (MCC) is finally come and go. Among the highlights of this annual event (organised by Art Square Group) are the appearance of Hong Kong's top illustrator (also Mike's hero) Elphonso Lam and China's Yao Fei La. To the Gilamons, MCC is even more meaningful because of the launch of Sau Lim's Monggo collection and Mike's all new Gengkey 100 art book. Like the previous MCC, it serves as a platform for artists to chat and catch up with each other. Among the artists that turn up this round including Puppeteer, Tan Eng Huat, Adijin, Totoro, Sunder, Kromosom and Chee.

November 1, 2005

The return of Major Zombie & Junior

Another 2 new T-shirts are released this month. One by Lefty and the other by Michael. Lefty's design, entitled "Zombie Jump!"features his creation Major Zombie while Mike's "Zombie Junior", features Major Zombie Jr, a completely made-over(or, "cutie-popularized") version of the original. Both T's, like the previous one(Sau Lim's "Worm Monster"), are manually(and "lovingly") printed by The Gilamons! So no two Ts would look the same! Again, they are very limited because we only have weekends to do the silk screenings. If you are interested, drop us an e-mail.


Mike has been busy redraw/redesign 100 of his favourite characters he has created over the years for Gengkey. This collection of characters, entitled Gengkey 100, will be published as a special artbook during MCC as well. See an updated version of Lowkey, Paul, Amin, Lamb and more specially drawn for this artbook. Click here for an advance preview. Mike will also be designing a T-shirt to be coincide with Gengkey 100's launch. Great stuffs!

Monggo on the loose

Monggo, Sau Lim's most ambitious series to date, is finally being collected into a trade paperback(TP). It will be launched during Gempak Starz annual biggie, Malaysia Comics Carnival(MCC) 2005. Monggo is a secret civil rescue team made out of a bunch of teens. Their mission is to protect the enviroment and children from being victimised by the society. Take a sneak peek at the cover and interior pages here. Don't forget to check out the Monggo Tee released inconjunction with the TP as well.

October 1, 2005

Monggo T

As we prepare for the manga size trade paperback(TP) of Sau Lim(aka Slaium)'s excellent Monggo series(previously serialised in Utopia), do check out his Monggo t-shirt which is available now. The TP will be available by the end of the years from Gempak Starz.

The Bunny Mandala Project

Mike(again) has perticipate in this pictoplasma project. He is among the 500+ designers that contributed and you can view his design there. Just type the name elmer fudd with the password "wabbit" for his legendary "cutie pops" design.

Mike's design for

Two of Mike's design were selected by threatless(wondering around & 80 years old). For those who came to vote, Mike would like to thank you. Do check out other cool designs there.

September 1, 2005

Gilamon @Urban Creature Studio, Penang

It was a very casual get together. We were warmly greeted by Chun Woei and the whole cast of Urban Creatures, as well as some of their friends that came to visit during this special day. We exchanged informations about the design scene in Penang and KL (Lefty also collected some tips for the whereabouts of yummy Penang food).
Apparently, Urban Creatures specialize in video editing, post production design among others and most of their clients are from overseas. Chun Woei is also a part-time lecturer for
a major art college in the island, therefore, their gallery is frequent by art students. We left
a few pieces of our (very limited) DIY T-shirts and ashcans for sale there. Anyone who's interested please visit the gallery and check out our stuffs. Just tell them that Gilamon sent you. Location wise, this studio-gallery is strategically located on the third floor of a new shop lot just opposite Island Plaza. Its easy to get there even by public transport. See news bellow
for the full address and contact number.

Watch out for worm, guys

Our second Gilamon T, "Die!! Worm Monster! Die!!" is premiering at Urban Creature's Gallery. It is drawn by Sau Lim and hand printed by the three of us. This is our first DIY T and its very RARE! Tears, sweats and weekends were sacrificed for this baby.

August 1, 2005

The Creatures are here!!!

Those of you who are up in the Northern part of Malaysia do take note, this month marks the launch of Urban-cr3atures Gallery. It will be launched on the 24th of September 2005 to invited guests and open to public on 25th September onwards. It is opened daily from 3pm to 8pm and the exhibition will last for a month.

We will have 3 posters up for this exhibition, which has a theme of urban-cr3atures: 21st century fr3ak show.

Crossover with Urban-cr3atures

During last June, we had the privilege to participate in the Beautiful Junk exhibition in Penang. Now, in conjunction with the launch of Urban-cr3atures, Beautiful Junk's organiser Chun Woei, also Urban-cr3atures' creative director has invited us to take part in an exhibition in its new gallery. These are the our poster.
We also managed to have Urban-cr3atures' creative director Chun Woei to give us an introduction to this set-up:
"Urban-cr3atures was born out of the passion to create new design, trend and dare to be different. We are an audio visual design collective who help to promote new talents globally. Urban-cr3atures are refer to an unknown or unfamiliar kind, as we keep coming up and experimenting with weird approach and the ability to invent and develop original ideas."
"Now we r fortunate enough to get a nest for us to stay in. This amazingly average size nest is going to b our design lab & gallery. To hold our first exhibition, we r inviting fellow designers and creative ppl to join us to share our opinion n ideas all around. The theme of the exhibition is urban-cr3atures: 21st century fr3ak show. Lets the monster unleashed.
Come join us"
The gallery will be launched on the 24th of September 2005 to invited guests and open to public on 25th September onwards. It is opened daily from 3pm to 8pm and the exhibition will last for a month.
Urban-cr3atures are :: Chun Woei(Creative Director) + Hooi Lee(Senior Designer) + Kah Lai(Senior Designer) + Vivian(Marketing + Finance Director) + Wei Ming(Graphic Designer)
Urban-cr3atures :: audio visual design lab + gallery (will be up by mid September)

98-3-23A, Prima Tanjung, 10470, Jalan Fettes, Tanjung Tokong, Penang, Malaysia
phone: +6 04 890 8188 fax: +6 04 890 9189

July 1, 2005

The Never Ending Tales

Mike is recently busy working on his Gengkey's Characters Artbook, inclusive of 100 character design from his famous Gengkey series, all compiled in one book. Schedule to published at the end of this year. Due to his greedy behaviour, 100 characters wasn't enough for him,
he wanted more. So Mike comes out with this half year plan for another series of character design, which he named--The Never Ending Tales. It'll be featured in exclusively in our website! So please visit us from time to time (every month actually) to check out those cute but evil looking character pin-ups at our gallery section.

Imagine by IFS

Recently, we were invited to be included in an artbook by Singaporian based Imaginary Friends Studio(IFS). This 128-page books collects the works from more than 20 artists around Asian region. We are very honoured to be part of the very first IFS production. Thanks to Edmund and gang for having us and not to mention coming out with this book within such short period of time. Respect! For more information and to buy a copy(only 2000 copies were printed), click here.

June 11, 2005

Gilamon T @ Beautiful J

Beautiful Junk was successfully held on the 11th June, 2005. Venue were changed from The Fort to Dewan Seri Pinang due to the weather, but it didn't stop people from around the country to visit this one day festival of art and noise. More than 30 artists/designers contributed exclusive artwork for this event. Top musicians like Pete Teo, Damn Dirty Ape(DDA), Seven Colar T-shirt, as well as new comers like Mumsters, Ugly Man made some beautiful noise during that day.
We didn't do too badly ourselves as Gilamon launched 2 T-shirts and our ashcan #1.
One T was our own production and the other was a collaboration with Radioactive. The fine folks of Radioactive did a tremendous job in printing our design in embossed felt ink. You all can still buy the T from Radioactive outlets. Our ashcan #1 and the previous #0 was available for sale as well. We want to thank those who showed their support by buying our Ts and ashcans, especially those who bought both! The Gilamons also want to thank Chun Woei and the rest of the gang who organised this event. Good work, my friend. Lets do it again next year.