December 1, 2005


Malaysia Comic Carnival (MCC) is finally come and go. Among the highlights of this annual event (organised by Art Square Group) are the appearance of Hong Kong's top illustrator (also Mike's hero) Elphonso Lam and China's Yao Fei La. To the Gilamons, MCC is even more meaningful because of the launch of Sau Lim's Monggo collection and Mike's all new Gengkey 100 art book. Like the previous MCC, it serves as a platform for artists to chat and catch up with each other. Among the artists that turn up this round including Puppeteer, Tan Eng Huat, Adijin, Totoro, Sunder, Kromosom and Chee.

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pep jespi epun said...

why marrionette in CP sbah closed??...i like your shop concept