April 14, 2008

Pekomik Mini Convention 2008 Part 3

Day 7 Sat 12 April 2008

Gilamon had a forum today, sort of an introduction to the Pekomik members. For those who missed it, here a what we've shared in point form:
• Who we are (see the top panel of this blog hahahaha)
• We formed Gilamon despite already working in Art Square Creation(Except for Michael, who left Art Square about a year ago but he still submits comics here), an established publisher with a string of successful comics and magazines because the works of Gilamon is very personal, experimental and most of the time not very commercial.
• Gilamon may be a very indie/underground kind of set up but we have no problem working for the mainstreams as professional comic book creators and illustrators. Like Warren Ellis who have a string of super hero comics published by Marvel("Iron Man", "Next Wave", "Astonishing X-Men") while continue to release personal works such as "Strange Killings", "Fell" & "Anna Mercury".
We want to apply comics art in other medium. We contribute to design magazines, collaborate with designers, take part in design conferences, put up booth at rock concerts, sponsor clubbing activities. We also have a series of street wear.

l>r: Fans at Gempak Starz and MNU booth respectively

l>r: Gempak Starz forum with comic dept editor Sau Lim & Gempak editor Ayour • Komikoo forum with editor Roy "Fluffy" Ablah

Click here for more pictures.

April 11, 2008

Pekomik Mini Convention 2008 Part 2

Day 01 Sat 5th April 2008

The artists gallery at the lobby of PWTC

l>r: People began to arrive • Pekomik Mr President rappin' • Cartoonist Shem entertaining the audience

l>r: The audience in Bilik Kedah/Johor • Pekomik PC with Mr Jaafar Taib • Not many artworks would make Mr Jaafar Taib squat but Baba Chuah's is certainly at that level

l>r: Mr Prez doing his bit for the comic banner • The beginning of the banner with art by Nurie with idea by Hafidz • Kids love comic

l>r: Nurie attracting the ladies • Mr Siow from MDeC talks about IP Challenge 2008 and showing passed winners' works

April 2, 2008

Pekomik Mini Convention 2008 Part 1

Pekomik, Malaysia's very own comics society, will be launching its inaugural comics convention on the 5th of April, 2008. The mini con will be held during KL International Book Fair from 5th-13th April at Putra World TradeCentre(PWTC).
Gilamon will take part in the attempt to draw the longest comics banner in the history of Bolehland, and also to have our own session on the 12th of April sometime between 2pm-8pm (Will update a more specific time here as we confirmed from Pekomik).

For those who want to meet us and a string of very talented local comic book artists and creators, please come over. Gilamon will be there at the launch this Saturday morning, to chair a session on the 12th of Apr and also the final day (13th) comic book artists gathering. We will also be selling our latest mini comic, entitled "Black Xmas" for only RM4.90 during the con.

Here are the comic banner that Lefty and Sau Lim did.