December 26, 2004


Much has been said about this disaster.
Like Major Zombie, us Gilamons do not want to elaborate any further because action speak louder than words.
God bless.

December 6, 2004

Malaysia Comics Carnival 2004 (MCC2004)

During the weekend of 3-5 Dec, 2004, Gilamons are involved in Malaysia Comics Carnival(MCC). This is an annual event organized by our company. Mike and Slaium is not only part of the organizing team, they are also among the featured artists during the autograph sessions. Lots of new graphic novels and merchandises are up on sale during this event. Most of these items(if not all) are produced under the watchful eyes of Mike, our Art Director for graphic novels and merchandise. Among the new items are autograph boards and novels.

Highlights of the event would be the appearance of our special guests from Hong Kong, Brothersfree. Those of you who have even the slightest interest in toys and action figures would know that Brothersfree is currently the hottest name.
They are certainly kind and humble for someone in their position. Gilamons are privileged to know them. Check out our cross over artwork in Brothersfree & us, an art book produced specially for this event.

December 1, 2004

Brothersfree Crossover

Another honorable project as Michael (C2V), Sau Lim (Slaium), Lefty & Tan Eng Huat are among the few Malaysian artists given the chance to recreate our version of brothersfree’s popular characters in comics form. The works will be included in the December release of "Brothersfree&US" Limited Edition Box Set. Get it if you can because when we said limited, we mean limited!

October 1, 2004

Gilamon #0

Welcome to gilamon's news page. Our very first news in the history of gilamon website would be our mini comics. After taking months to produce, it finally comes out on time to coincide the launch of "i love t-shirts #2" by Radioactive. There are a few ways to get a copy of our “blood and sweat" If you are in Malaysia, just buy any of the two t-shirts we design for the “i love t-shirts" project in Radioactive's cool Sunway Pyramid outlet and you will be given a free copy. Remember, there are two covers, so get both t-shirts and you will complete the collection ;) It was also being distributed during the design expo in Bangkok on the 5th and 6th Nov by the good people of Radioactive (TQ, Peter!). Gilamon #0 was also being given out during Tokyo Design Fiesta, by Hide San, our man in Japan! We will keep you all updated as soon as we receive news and images from him. Now, if you missed out on those opportunities, you have come to the right place. All you have to do is the go to our download page and we have prepared a pdf file for you! It’s easy! If you have a copy already, we thank you for your support. Please drop us a line and tell us what you think at gilamons(a)

"I Love T-Shirts" Campaign

We were invited, along with such wonderful designers as Phunkstudio, Bigbrosworkshop, Scarygirl, 123Klan, Fourskin & so on, to contribute our designs to the campaign. Thank you, Radioactive!