August 1, 2006

Lefty's New Load

Here are the latest artworks from Lefty.

Bizarre Side of Sau Lim

Check out our gallery section for Sau Lim’s new short story, which was published in Utopia Magazine issue #90 (15 sept). This 8-page comics is his first attempt to draw weird/haunting atmosphere with a bizarre storyline, apart from his regular humour(or not so humour) comic series--Utopia High: Freak Club. Do enjoy!

Form and Elements

We were recently invited by Form to present an artwork based on the theme of elements. It appeared in issue 03 of this art and design magazine. Here are what we have done. Thank you Form, for giving us this opportunity.

Freaky In Hong Kong

During the 8th Ani-Com Hong Kong (28/07-01/08/2006), one of Mike’s Gengkey character, Freaky was on display as a prototype figurine. Its was sculpted by acclaimed Hong Kong toy sculptor Steven Chui. We would like to thank Steven for picking Freaky as a character to show off his skill. Click on to the pics on the right to see the “handy” works of Steven.