March 1, 2006

Clay Zombie

This little Major Zombie Junior sculpture is done by Leong Wei Kok, also known as Puyuh to his Malaysian comics fan. Kok specialised is digital painting of weird rabbits and monsters, our cuppa tea actually. Check out his fantastic works here.

Know What

Another collabo coming up as Gilamon is teaming up with Phalanx. Mike will whip up a series of comics based on Phalanx's SoWhat figures. Check out Mike's preliminary sketches @Kidrobot.


Starting from the March issue of JUICE magazine, we will be giving out our t-shirts in the Grabs section. One design will be given out each month, 1st up is Sau Lim's "Die! Worm Monster! Die!" and its followed by Lefty's new Major Zombie design in the April issue, wrapping up this 3-month give away event is Mike's brand new character which he developed with Sau Lim in May. If you wanna get a free Gilamon t-shirt, this is your best chance. JUICE is a trendsetting magazine that is distributed free in the Klang Valley and some part of Melaka. Watch out for the April issue if you have missed out March's.

Spray Klan

We will be in Melaka on the 25th March to be one of the judges for Klan Graffiti Competition. Klan is also the latest designer outlet that is carrying our line of products. Apart from local designer brands, their house brand Tribe has already making waves in the local street wear market. If you are in Melaka during that weekend, come on over and check out the event. •
Klan Concept Trading, G-21, Jalan PM 4, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka .
Tel / Fax : 06 288 1960

Don't Play Play

PlayTimes, a Singapore toys and collectibles magazine, has published a 2-page article on Mike's Gengkey100 artbook. PlayTimes is available infine graphic book stores around the world and Basheer in Bukit Bintang is one of them. If you want to know more about this cool magazine, visit their website at