October 1, 2005

Monggo T

As we prepare for the manga size trade paperback(TP) of Sau Lim(aka Slaium)'s excellent Monggo series(previously serialised in Utopia), do check out his Monggo t-shirt which is available now. The TP will be available by the end of the years from Gempak Starz.

The Bunny Mandala Project

Mike(again) has perticipate in this pictoplasma project. He is among the 500+ designers that contributed and you can view his design there. Just type the name elmer fudd with the password "wabbit" for his legendary "cutie pops" design.

Mike's design for threatless.com

Two of Mike's design were selected by threatless(wondering around & 80 years old). For those who came to vote, Mike would like to thank you. Do check out other cool designs there.