October 31, 2009

2009 10th Taiwan International Comic Artist Conference @ Tamsui, Day 3

Internatianal Coimc Artist Conference (which was held in Tamsui, Taiwan from 23-25 Oct, 2009) has always been a pilgrimage event for artists around the Asia region. This year, Michael and Sau Lim managed to participate in it.

The 3-day event was jam-packed with discussion panels, reports of educational comics market in the region by various comics professionals from their respective country. There was also an exhibition to showcase artist's work from participated countries.

Works of Sau Lim, Michael and Lefty(who was absent) were exhibited during this prolific event.

l>r: Michael, Kaoru, Kieth, Jo, Eng Huat, Sau Lim, Kenny and Chris

The Malaysian crew, among them are Art Square's Terence (left 1, standing) and Ge Mei Liang's Shu Youli.

Michael with his work on display

Michael's artwork: top left

Sau Lim's artwork: middle

Lefty's artwork: top right

2009 10th Taiwan International Comic Artist Conference @ Tamsui, Day 2

2009 10th Taiwan International Comic Artist Conference @ Tamsui, Day 1

October 29, 2009

WET PARTY with Eclectic Botz!

Happy wetty halloween with Eclectic Botz @ Maison! Don't forget to collect goodies beg (susprise gift from gilamon).

October 11, 2009

Cutie Cultie Comic Talk

Mr. Siow Aik Wee from

Aik Wee sharing the info on IPCC grant and MDeC related plans
that will benefit artists like us.

Mr. Ng Keng Yeow @ KK from Pelangi Comics sharing about the development of our local comic publication .

Fakhrul Anour @ Ayour, the editor of Gempak & Utopia.

Michael's sharing session about 'Becoming a comic book artist'.

Q&A session time!

Thanks to all who came over for the talk & supported local comic scene!

Cutie Cultie Comic Show Opening

all nice handwriting on the wall are done by bryan lee.

Michael's artwork - Gengkey All Starz

Michael's original artwork - The Never Ending Tales

Kuanth's print work

Art4Soul's artwork

Ze Lin's artwork

Kenji Chai's original paint & print

Bryan Lee and his work

Everyone come to support!

Group of exhibitors autograph & drew their character on the gallery's door.

It's really fun to draw on glass.

Thanks to pipit's mike for supporting.

All photos are from Pipit.

Radioactive Creative Chaos T-Shirt Collection

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Designed by Michael Chuah

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Designed by Zint

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Designed by Leong Wan Kok

Designed by Kidchan

Gilamon @ Comic King #113

A short interview with Gilamon about STGCC @ Comic King Magazine.

Gempak Starz 100% T-shirt

Here's the latest Gempak Starz 100% T-Shirt series, Sau Lim's design is called "Terror 100%". Check out the rest of the collection here!