August 1, 2007

We All Love Molly

On the 18th to 20th of August, Kenny Wong (Ex- Brothersfree) was invited to Malaysia Comic Carnival at Sungai Wang. To spice up the event, a crossover art book “We Love Molly” was published, featuring comic book artists from Gempakstarz and Gilamon. Other than exclusive interviews and articles about Molly, the art book’s main selling point is-- each artist was ask to re-create Kenny Wong’s character using their own distinctive style.
Later on 24th until 26th of August, those brilliant Molly illustrations were being exhibited in Singapore’s Basheer Cityroom as well as Hong Kong’s Kubrick APM on 7th to 28th September.

Freak Club

After the commercial success of Utopia High few years back, Sau Lim reluctantly brought us the sequel. But this time, he’s making a cult comic, for like-minded readers only. Utopia High: Freak Club is now compiled into graphic novel and out in the market. Fight Club’s space monkey, pay attention! You are not your money; Buy this comic!
Check out Sau Lim’s interview in Gempak Magazine issue 183.

Nike X Gilamon: Quick Is Deadly

Yup! That’s the title for the latest Nike Zoom series. Being a design base cartoonist like Mike, it’s no surprise that he was invited to work on a crossover project with Nike x JUICE. Do check out the August issue of JUICE(if its still available) and witness the story of 10 incredible circus performers who struggle to escape from their wicked ringmaster.