May 16, 2010

Talk @Galeri Patronas, KLCC

Gilamon, Action Tintoy, ArtTech and Soefara Jafney spoke to a full house crowd at Galeri Patronas. Many were even stand throughout the nearly 3 hours session. We salute your enthusiasm.

The crowd getting ready

The first to speak, Action Tintoy

Action Tintoy

ArtTech the mask man

Next up, Lefty and Michael Chuah

Fianlly, the lovely Soefara Jafney

Q&A session

Slaium signing autograph after the talk

Michael Chuah and friends

None managed to make the "heart" shape, unfortunately

Gilamon @ Pipit Wonderful Market 4

The crowd was fantastic, Gilamon managed to catch up with many friends (old and new), the response to our brand new "Kaktus: I Heart Handy Craft" t-shirt was much better than our expectation, in short, it was a great event. Well done Mike and Ivery, thank you all the Pipiteers! We would also wanna specially thank Joe Tribe, without this man, we wont be able to get our t-shirts on time for this event. You da man, Joe.

Gilamon and the incredible Joe tribe is sharing a space this time.

Joe da man in action.

Joe da man in action again after downing his his 3rd Tiger beer (see bottom of the pic) XD

Old buddies.

Shiny young handy craft artists showcasing their stuffs.

Hugo Garden's space

Lefty, Michael and Aiman with a Gilamon fan art by Aiman. Thank you so much, we are honoured.

May 12, 2010

KLDW 2010 : NOVA : session two

Character Design & Illustration (Building A Profession Over Doodling)

Program details:
A jovial talk by 4 young & passionate designers about how they transform their childhood pastimes such as: cartoons watching, comics reading & characters doodling... to their main design profession.

Speakers: ActionTintoy, Gilamon, Najib Arttech & Soefara Jafney
Venue: Gallery Petronas (3rd floor, KLCC)
Date: 16th May 2010 (Sunday)
Time : 2.30 pm –4.30 pm