January 1, 2007

Buy Online

For those of you who have the defect of unable to pay cash for t-shirt, or for those of you who are unwilling to buy our t-shirt during the D’Bazaar event because of our appearance, please log on to teelive to get our t-shirt online... stop torturing yourself already, you know you want it!

Muse’s Comics

Muse is coming to Malaysia on the 25th February, Sau Lim as a fan of the band, has volunteered to draw a set of 6 pages Muse comic base on the imagery of their latest album cover “Black Holes & Revelations” and build the story literary from the title of their 3rd single, “Knights of Cydonia”- When the 4 Horsemen of Apocalypse are planning to bring an end to our world, at the same time, we earthling are making our plan to kill those colossus off too. Do check out the comic in Utopia magazine issue #100 (15th Feb).

Creamy Erotica

Our first crossover with Black Fryday features the art of Michael entitled Creamy Girl. Creamy Girl is number 11 in Black Fryday’s Design Erotika series.

Star People

Mike has done a series of illustrations featuring the DJ’s of Malaysian Chinese radio station, 988FM in Star Talk. Star Talk is a monthly chinese magazine in the theme of creative living and entertainment. Its now available through out Malaysia.

KL Massive

It was a day where we get to listen to the funny yet articulate Josh Davies, viewing works from top designers such as Tokyo Lab plus witnessing 123 Klan performing graffiti art live! It was also a day where indie designers meet and show our works to them as well as the attendees of the sold out conference. We were glad to see Driv, who came back from Singapore and had the privelege of meeting Sandora of MNU as well as Natalie and Joanne from Paprika.


We shared the limelight with Homicydal, 84cube, Phobia and Jay Lim at Zouk KL Mash party. We had abooth outside to sell our products and a showcase of our works on the first floor of this hot spot. Thanks to Lestat(Radioactive) and Jet(Zouk) for giving us the space.