December 14, 2008

Liquid City Anthology Launch @ Malaysia

The KL launch of Liquid City Anthology was held on the 14th Dec 2008 at Kinokuniya KLCC. Editor/ artist Sonny liew was here with another Singaporean artist, Otto Fong. Malaysian comic book artists who attended the launch were, Leong Wan Kok, Sau Lim, Kaoru, Keith, Tan Eng Huat, Azhar & Chee.

A lot of readers turned up for the autograph session which started around 3pm. After the show, we have a small gathering at the cafe on the mezzanine level of Kinokuniya. We were pleasantly surprised by the presents of Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid @Lat who came all the way from Ipoh to support thye event. He shared many of his precious experiences in the industry & also his latest project with Pos Malaysia - Lat's stamps collection. Again, thanks to Sonny Liew & Kit (Kino Manager) for their effort to make this session such a success. Hope the anthology book 2 will release soon~~ (and Gilamon will be invited to contribute again :P)

Sonny Liew talks about the Liquid City Anthology, and Sau Lim introduced his work in the anthology.

Leong Wan Kok shares his thoughts about the anthology at the beginning of the autographs session.

Otto Fong from Singapore promoting the anthology. BTW you could get his comic book, 'Sir Fong's Adventures In Science' in Kinokuniya KLCC as well.

Kaoru talks about her work.

Readers gather around to get autographs.

Lat holding the anthology while Sonny has Lat's stamps collection in his hand.

Lat shares his comic experience with us.

(l>r): Michael Chuah, Kaoru, Keith, Sau Lim, Lat, Sonny Liew, Azhar, Tan Eng Huat & Leong Wan Kok.

December 2, 2008

At Liquid City Launch in Singapore

Michael, Sau Lim, Lefty and Wan Kok (with his wife, 3-D artist Khor) are Malaysian creators who traveled to Singapore for this event.

People already started to gather just a bit before 2 pm. By 4 pm, which the autograph session ended, all the copies of Liquid City anthology (Retailing at about 40+ SGD) are completely sold out. According to Sonny Liew, this means it will remain on Kinokuniya's top sellers chart for another week.

We all did 3 huge pieces of jam art which will be given away to 3 readers who purchase a copy of Liquid City during the launch. Winners will be determined by lucky draw.

Among the creators who took part were:
Sonny Liew (Liquid City anthology's editor, coordinator and organizer of the launches)
Koh Hong Teng
Drew Scape
Otto Fong
Hu Jingxuan
Troy Chin
Ken Foo
Ray Toh
Gary Choo
Leong Wan Kok
Michael Chuah
Chin Sau Lim

Gilamon would like to thank Sonny Liew for making such organizing this wonderful event and tirelessly keeping it afloat during the 2 hour session. Most of us are not good with the mike and he has to do most of the talking. Lefty did a brief intro on Gempak Starz, Popcorn (which is available in Singapore now) and the Malaysian comic book market. Hopefully no one fell asleep during that few minutes.

Gilamon not only managed to attend the launch of Half Flat, we also got to visit Spencer and see his impressive collection of comic book and movie character bust and statue thanks to Bernard Ang of G & B Comics and Winston Goh. More picture on Spencer's collection in our later posting.

Liquid City Malaysia Launch will be at Kinokuniya KLCC on the 14th of December Sunday at 2 pm onwards. So far Sonny and Otto are confirmed coming. We are sure there will be more Singapore based creators will take part in this event in KLCC.

Liquid City and other titles by the contributors

Sonny leads the pack

Hu Jingxuan and SFc

Working on the jam art

The crowd

The art

Kulturkampf & Chin came to support

At The Half Flat Art Show

It was a very busy day for Sonny as he has to rush of after the launch to get himself ready for the evening's Half Flat Art Show in another part of the city. Half Flat Show is and art exhibition that brings together the personal and commercial arts of four award-winning illustrators based in Singapore. Liquid Citizens Sonny Liew and Koh Hong Teng are among them. The other two are Skan Srisuwan of IFS and Tan Lun Cheak.

The venue

The artist (l>r): Koh Hong Teng, Sonny Liew, Skan Srisuwan & Tan Lun Cheak.

The crowd

Sonny takes the stage

The crowd

Sonny with his uncle

Sonny's comic works on display

Koh Hong Teng's work

Koh Hong Teng's work

A very cool old school congratulatory banner

Sonny and the Gilamon gang