December 2, 2008

At The Half Flat Art Show

It was a very busy day for Sonny as he has to rush of after the launch to get himself ready for the evening's Half Flat Art Show in another part of the city. Half Flat Show is and art exhibition that brings together the personal and commercial arts of four award-winning illustrators based in Singapore. Liquid Citizens Sonny Liew and Koh Hong Teng are among them. The other two are Skan Srisuwan of IFS and Tan Lun Cheak.

The venue

The artist (l>r): Koh Hong Teng, Sonny Liew, Skan Srisuwan & Tan Lun Cheak.

The crowd

Sonny takes the stage

The crowd

Sonny with his uncle

Sonny's comic works on display

Koh Hong Teng's work

Koh Hong Teng's work

A very cool old school congratulatory banner

Sonny and the Gilamon gang

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