June 1, 2006

KLue Coverage

In its June issue, KLue were reporting about indie t-shirt designers in its Hype page and Gilamon were mentioned as part of the new labels in town. Others include Criola, Pop Malaya and Lodestar. Thanks for the plug, KLue!


The latest volume of Territory will finally be launched on the 1st of July. As featured artists, we are being invited to do a ‘live’ silkscreening presentation during the launch party. We will be producing a new piece of artwork and silkscreen it on t-shirts on that special day. The theme for this volume of Territory is Japan Fever and international designers such as Junko Kawashima(Japan), Michael Dawidowicz(Urban Collective, Australia) and Thanawat Chongmahakul(Thailand) will also be flown in for this event. Be sure to check out our site again for the inside scoop of the event later.

Toth’s Departure

This is a bit late but Gilamon would still want to pay our last respect to Alex Toth. A master in black and white drawing. Mr Toth’s work is clean and elegant, yet with a lively stroke. A quality that not many artists have. Mr Toth passed away at the age of 77 on his drawing table. The most perfect way to depart for an artist.

Expo! Expo!

Gilamon is going to the expos this summer. 1st up is Anime Expo @Anaheim Convention Center, USA. Eventhough we won’t be appearing personally but we will be having our products up for sale( thanks to Mickey and Adam from Gnome International). Look for our t-shirts and comics @booth 292 of the expo from 1-4 of July. Next up is the Taipei Toy Fest(7-9 July) which we will be having our own booth. Michael is the only one attending the fest for it is too costly for all three of us to be there. Gilamon will be unveiling the prototype figurine of Cannibal Boy and Shark during this fest. The figurine is sculpted by famed Taiwanese toy designer PhalanX Creative. Mike will definitely be taking lots of pictures and you will be able to see it here.

Shop Online

For those who are interested in buying our t-shirts, you can now do it online @fish2shop. You will also find lots of other interesting items such as clothing and toys in this little online shop. We are also looking into other options in bringing our products to you thru the internet soon.

Zombie JUICE

We have been giving out t-shirts in JUICE Grabs for the past few months(see JUICE issue March, April and May) but for the June issue, we were invited to create an exclusive design for JUICE Stlye. This t-shirt, entitled Zombie JUICE, is illustrated by Michael Chuah from Sau Lim’s layout and features Major Zombie Junior, a character based on Lefty’s Major Zombie. In other words, it involved all three members of Gilamon. For you all who resides in Malaysia(particularly in the Klang Valley), you could e-mail JUICE to purchase this special t-shirt. Just type ‘JUICE x Gilamon - I Want Tees’ with your details as follows: Full name, IC #, Occupation, Address, Contact #. Zombie JUICE is also available thru Kidults, S087, 2nd Floor, Sg Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur. June is also the 4th anniversary for JUICE, so we will see you all @da party!(Go to juiceonline for details)