June 1, 2006

Zombie JUICE

We have been giving out t-shirts in JUICE Grabs for the past few months(see JUICE issue March, April and May) but for the June issue, we were invited to create an exclusive design for JUICE Stlye. This t-shirt, entitled Zombie JUICE, is illustrated by Michael Chuah from Sau Lim’s layout and features Major Zombie Junior, a character based on Lefty’s Major Zombie. In other words, it involved all three members of Gilamon. For you all who resides in Malaysia(particularly in the Klang Valley), you could e-mail JUICE to purchase this special t-shirt. Just type ‘JUICE x Gilamon - I Want Tees’ with your details as follows: Full name, IC #, Occupation, Address, Contact #. Zombie JUICE is also available thru Kidults, S087, 2nd Floor, Sg Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur. June is also the 4th anniversary for JUICE, so we will see you all @da party!(Go to juiceonline for details)

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