December 6, 2004

Malaysia Comics Carnival 2004 (MCC2004)

During the weekend of 3-5 Dec, 2004, Gilamons are involved in Malaysia Comics Carnival(MCC). This is an annual event organized by our company. Mike and Slaium is not only part of the organizing team, they are also among the featured artists during the autograph sessions. Lots of new graphic novels and merchandises are up on sale during this event. Most of these items(if not all) are produced under the watchful eyes of Mike, our Art Director for graphic novels and merchandise. Among the new items are autograph boards and novels.

Highlights of the event would be the appearance of our special guests from Hong Kong, Brothersfree. Those of you who have even the slightest interest in toys and action figures would know that Brothersfree is currently the hottest name.
They are certainly kind and humble for someone in their position. Gilamons are privileged to know them. Check out our cross over artwork in Brothersfree & us, an art book produced specially for this event.

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