April 11, 2008

Pekomik Mini Convention 2008 Part 2

Day 01 Sat 5th April 2008

The artists gallery at the lobby of PWTC

l>r: People began to arrive • Pekomik Mr President rappin' • Cartoonist Shem entertaining the audience

l>r: The audience in Bilik Kedah/Johor • Pekomik PC with Mr Jaafar Taib • Not many artworks would make Mr Jaafar Taib squat but Baba Chuah's is certainly at that level

l>r: Mr Prez doing his bit for the comic banner • The beginning of the banner with art by Nurie with idea by Hafidz • Kids love comic

l>r: Nurie attracting the ladies • Mr Siow from MDeC talks about IP Challenge 2008 and showing passed winners' works

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