September 1, 2005

Gilamon @Urban Creature Studio, Penang

It was a very casual get together. We were warmly greeted by Chun Woei and the whole cast of Urban Creatures, as well as some of their friends that came to visit during this special day. We exchanged informations about the design scene in Penang and KL (Lefty also collected some tips for the whereabouts of yummy Penang food).
Apparently, Urban Creatures specialize in video editing, post production design among others and most of their clients are from overseas. Chun Woei is also a part-time lecturer for
a major art college in the island, therefore, their gallery is frequent by art students. We left
a few pieces of our (very limited) DIY T-shirts and ashcans for sale there. Anyone who's interested please visit the gallery and check out our stuffs. Just tell them that Gilamon sent you. Location wise, this studio-gallery is strategically located on the third floor of a new shop lot just opposite Island Plaza. Its easy to get there even by public transport. See news bellow
for the full address and contact number.

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