September 1, 2007

Pipit, the 1st Anniversary!

Pipit- one of the local indie design magazine is celebrating their 1st anniversary.
To share this joyful day with fellow designers and artists, on 15th September Pipit is having an “independent artist & designer event 2007” at Galleriiizu, located at Central Market Annexe.

Invited by Pipit as guest artists. Michael will be working on a freestyle drawing on paper cores, crossover with Nvrmnd@eightyfourcube, while Lefty will do his crossover drawing with Milx. Apart from our regular Gilamon heroes, other talented designers like Sourmilk, Ebangelione, Urban Creatures, Actiontintoy & more will have their fair share of demonstration section as well. For more information, please visit Pipit.
Not to forget, Pipit Magazine issue 2 will showcase our Gilamon latest
T-shirt series- -Gilamon Black.

Do check it out!

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