November 1, 2007

Northern Exposure II

We love Penang (Especially Lefty) and we will be there again for Beautiful Junk on the 10 of November. Hopefully lots of people from the Klang Valley would also go up to support our creative community up north. Wallpaper is this year’s theme and this event will feature exclusive artworks from Funkbuilders(S’pore), Peter Stemler(USA), Vector Junkies(Indonesia), Nemostudio(France) and a whole lot more. Not to mention a string of local designers will also be featured. There will also be live performances from Damn Dirty Ape, Paku, Six Strings Samurai and more. Don’t forget, the lovely Penang-ites hospitality is there to greet us as well.

Click on your right for Gilamon wallpapers specially for this event.

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