April 1, 2006

Throw Up

Not literaly but graffitically. Throw up means a quickly written piece of wall art mainly made out of bubble letters. It was also the theme for Klan's Graffiti Competition 2 which was held outside their store in Melaka on the 26th of March. Lefty were fortunate enough to be invited as one of the four judges(the other three were April Kwan, JUICE mag editor; Joo Hong of Radioactive Clothing and the man himself, Joe TRIBE) Lots of people shown up and did their thing. We had good fun eventhough we were under the sun(better than if it rained, actually) and the boozes provided did cool us down rather effectively. Lefty were impressed by the graffiti writers that came from all over the place even as far as Kelantan. And again, thanks to Joe for a really fun event. We hope to be there again next year.

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