December 1, 2006

Digi Street Blast

We were among the street wear labels for Digi Street Blast @Bukit Bintang. We had such a good response from the people who came that day, we just want to say thank you to you all again. Must take note for bigger size t-shirts for people like DJ Jungle Jerry was interested in Major Zombie: Fly but the L size was too small for him. A Swedish designer who was here for holiday picked up our last piece of Zombie JUICE tee for the night(our display unit) and wears it on the spot! The best part of the evening was Digi was kind enough to showcase all the street wears on the main stage, worn by the designers! Michael was our representative to strut around on stage with others such as Kenji Black Fryday, Steven Scorn and Sherry Spunkz.

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