June 22, 2009

Gilamon : Zombie, Cannibal & Raygunn

Gilamon's graphic novel, "Zombie, Cannibal and Raygunn" is finally out in the market. This 200 pages book not only collects every ashcans we ever produce since 2003, there are almost a hundred pages of material specially produced for this volume. It's a self-publish effort and there are only limited copies available. It will make it's debut @San Diego Comic Con 2009 & follow by Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention 2009(STGCC)!

For those who won't be at both convention and is interested to get a copy, please email us @ gilamons[a]gmail.com.

^ "Zombie, Cannibal & Raygunn" cover

^ Lefty's "Major Zombie" pages

^ Michael Chuah's "Cannibal Boy, Private Investigator(CBPI)" pages

^ Chin Sau Lim's "Agent Raygunn Smith" pages

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RedEyes said...

Where can i get it and how much it cost?