July 30, 2009

Gilamon @San Diego Comic Con Part 2

Movie studio's mega booths, where the crowds are

Kinokuniya @Comic-Con

Lefty with a group of young luchadors!

A troop of slave Princess Leia! (Michael: "i wish i was the guy in the middle...")

Gary Gianni ("Prince Valiant", "The MonsterMen")

Terry Dodson ("X-Men")

Alvin Lee of Udon's "Street Fighter" fame

David Hahn, creator of "Private Beach", who has a new limited series entitled "Rad Herring" out now from Wildstorm

The legendary Steve "The Dude" Rude

Sonny Liew, whose "Wonderland" hardcover graphic novel was selling like hot cakes at the Con

The beautiful Kelly Hu

Lefty with Sonny Liew and ShariChankhamma during the Liquid City signing session at the Image booth

Tyrese Gibson bought a copy of Gilamon's graphic novel, we are grateful! His comic book, "Mayhem", is out now from Image Comics

Lefty and Todd MacFarlane

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