May 1, 2005

Graphic Art, Music, Sea Breeze, Food and the Fort!

Book yourself on the 11th of June 2005 and be a participant or an audience. Make a trip up north if u are not from this beautiful island of Penang. You might experience more than graphic design and music(hint: f.o.o.d.). What makes this event even more interesting is the location of this event: Fort Cornwallis. An expo in a historical fort, how cool is that? The Gilamons will be going up as well, see you all there! Check out the website for further info:
So far, Gilamon has submitted our T-shirt n posters design, which will be made available on that day by the good people of Beautiful Junk. Michael and Lefty will definately be there while Sau Lim has to be at a Gempakstarz event down South. There will be a Gilamon booth and stuffs that go on sale would be our Gilamon ashcan #1 and #0 and there will also be some exclusive items that we will reveal later. Lefty will also be having a caricature session. On top of that, there will be bargain bin stuffs a-la flea market. We plan to bring our CDs, comics and stuffs to put up for sale so do come on over!

Gilamon Ashcan#1

Finally its completed and available. In this installment, Sau Lim's Agent Smith is back to kill more monsters while Michael go ga ga with his version of Major Zombie jr. Lefty brings you a (brief) discription of Major Zombie's living "room". On top of us three, our zine never lacks guest artists. This issue, honorary member Tan Eng Huat returns with a woody Allen-isque Batman. Not to worry, his upcoming Batman looks nothing like this. FYI Tan's Batman maxi series(with writer Andy Helfer) will be out in August, 2005. Check it out in this June's Previews! Our second guest is superstar Billy Tan of X-23 and Marvel Knight Spider-Man fame. Billy, who's also a Penang-ite now living in the States, sent us a sneak previews of his creator-own series, Ghost Kid. Billy co-created Ghost Kid with his brother MunKao. Our third guest is a very talented young chap by the name of Adijin. Adi's latest work for Devil's Due, Hack/Slash: Evil Ernie is being scheduled for a June release. Download Gilamon Magazine#1 here!

Shanghai! Shanghai!

On the 21st of April, Lefty and Tan, braving the chaotic situation in China, landed in Shanghai for a 7 day holiday. Lefty: "Turns out its much more peaceful than we imagined. No angry protestors, no one breaks our Jap-made cameras and people are lining up for their sushi, thank God! The next day, We were joint by Tan's collaborator(and sometimes mentor) Andy Helfer and wife Jaimie from US. Andy's witty characteristic makes this trip really worthwhile. Ok, ok... those DVDs are really cool too." (Lefty bought enough DVDs to organise a week-long international film fest- ed)

Hong Kong Fueyyy!

On April 28(the next day after Lefty came back from Shanghai), Michael took off to Hong Kong, the purpose his visit is to meet up with the local creative teams and to check out the various art exhibitions.
Fortunately enough, He managed to visit the studio of Brothersfree(Hong Kong well-known figure designers). Gilamon have great respect for Brothersfree because of their creative force and their hard working attitude. Brothersfree's Taiwan Exhibition also mark the launch of their latest book,"Brotherslife". This Epitome of a book contains ALL the figures ever created by the hardworking trio. Its a must have not only for the fans, but also for action figure lovers. Michael also manage to have a sneak preview on Brothersfree's latest figure project, which involve crossover with a well known branded jeans company.
That same day, Pixie's Mark Chang(Taiwan) was there too, at Brothersfree's studio, that's cool ;)
After the trip to Brothersfree's studio, Michael visited Tom Ho(Hong Kong well-known(again?) comic book artist). Tom is kind enough to share his working experience and progress of his work to him Michael. well, i guess our hero, Mikey learned alot of valuable lessons there!
Last but not least, Michael met his idol- Elphonso Lam, Hong Kong well-known(ya!) comic book artist/rocker dude!
And, you hear it from us first, Elphonso's new comic "Sexy Rock" is going to publish on a comic magazine call "Cheese" starting May this year.
Michael would like to thank all these people who was being mentioned above for sacrificing their precious time to meet up with him while he was in HK, "Thanks to all!" he said, weeping(as usual- ed).