May 1, 2005

Gilamon Ashcan#1

Finally its completed and available. In this installment, Sau Lim's Agent Smith is back to kill more monsters while Michael go ga ga with his version of Major Zombie jr. Lefty brings you a (brief) discription of Major Zombie's living "room". On top of us three, our zine never lacks guest artists. This issue, honorary member Tan Eng Huat returns with a woody Allen-isque Batman. Not to worry, his upcoming Batman looks nothing like this. FYI Tan's Batman maxi series(with writer Andy Helfer) will be out in August, 2005. Check it out in this June's Previews! Our second guest is superstar Billy Tan of X-23 and Marvel Knight Spider-Man fame. Billy, who's also a Penang-ite now living in the States, sent us a sneak previews of his creator-own series, Ghost Kid. Billy co-created Ghost Kid with his brother MunKao. Our third guest is a very talented young chap by the name of Adijin. Adi's latest work for Devil's Due, Hack/Slash: Evil Ernie is being scheduled for a June release. Download Gilamon Magazine#1 here!

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