May 1, 2005

Graphic Art, Music, Sea Breeze, Food and the Fort!

Book yourself on the 11th of June 2005 and be a participant or an audience. Make a trip up north if u are not from this beautiful island of Penang. You might experience more than graphic design and music(hint: f.o.o.d.). What makes this event even more interesting is the location of this event: Fort Cornwallis. An expo in a historical fort, how cool is that? The Gilamons will be going up as well, see you all there! Check out the website for further info:
So far, Gilamon has submitted our T-shirt n posters design, which will be made available on that day by the good people of Beautiful Junk. Michael and Lefty will definately be there while Sau Lim has to be at a Gempakstarz event down South. There will be a Gilamon booth and stuffs that go on sale would be our Gilamon ashcan #1 and #0 and there will also be some exclusive items that we will reveal later. Lefty will also be having a caricature session. On top of that, there will be bargain bin stuffs a-la flea market. We plan to bring our CDs, comics and stuffs to put up for sale so do come on over!

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