May 1, 2005

Hong Kong Fueyyy!

On April 28(the next day after Lefty came back from Shanghai), Michael took off to Hong Kong, the purpose his visit is to meet up with the local creative teams and to check out the various art exhibitions.
Fortunately enough, He managed to visit the studio of Brothersfree(Hong Kong well-known figure designers). Gilamon have great respect for Brothersfree because of their creative force and their hard working attitude. Brothersfree's Taiwan Exhibition also mark the launch of their latest book,"Brotherslife". This Epitome of a book contains ALL the figures ever created by the hardworking trio. Its a must have not only for the fans, but also for action figure lovers. Michael also manage to have a sneak preview on Brothersfree's latest figure project, which involve crossover with a well known branded jeans company.
That same day, Pixie's Mark Chang(Taiwan) was there too, at Brothersfree's studio, that's cool ;)
After the trip to Brothersfree's studio, Michael visited Tom Ho(Hong Kong well-known(again?) comic book artist). Tom is kind enough to share his working experience and progress of his work to him Michael. well, i guess our hero, Mikey learned alot of valuable lessons there!
Last but not least, Michael met his idol- Elphonso Lam, Hong Kong well-known(ya!) comic book artist/rocker dude!
And, you hear it from us first, Elphonso's new comic "Sexy Rock" is going to publish on a comic magazine call "Cheese" starting May this year.
Michael would like to thank all these people who was being mentioned above for sacrificing their precious time to meet up with him while he was in HK, "Thanks to all!" he said, weeping(as usual- ed).

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