October 6, 2008

Pop-in for Popcorn

Exclusive artwork from Tan Eng Huat

L>R: Art by Benjamin Zhang(China), KidChan and Puppeteer

POPCORN, Gempak Starz's first English anthology that features creator-owned materials is coming out this month. It will be launch during 100% Gempak Starz Exhibition. The venue will be at Dasein Academy of Art on 11/10/2008 from 9am-6pm. Tan Eng Huat, the featured artist of Popcorn's inaugural issue will have a talk about his working experience in the international comic scene. Gilamon Michael will also share his experience as a freelance
artist/ designer. There will be lots of original artworks from Popcorn displayed along with some other goodies up for grab. The exhibition will be from 11-24/10/2008 at Dasein. See you there.

1 comment:

azhar said...

congrats guys..

u guys r getting Big & international..

cant wait to get a copy of popcorn & madliquid