September 27, 2008

Manicmon II

The second issue of MANIC Creative has just came out. The comic section features the latest tale of Lefty's Major Zombie and Kaktus (with Mikey the Maggot, of course). This issue features a very nice cover by the whacky and talented Shanghai knight, Driv. You can find a copy of Manic Creative in every Don't Panic goodie pack. Most importantly, its FREE!!!

If you are having trouble getting a copy, you can check out the comics here.


YYY said...

This is so impressive!
I saw this in manic creative.
Like your style a lot!

Lefty said...

Thanks for the kind words, yyy. I like the simplicity in ur art as well. keep up the gud works and pls drop by frm time to time. cheers!