July 1, 2006

Territory Launch Party

The launch of Territory vol 5, which entitled Japan Fever, attracted so many people to KL’s Galleriiizu, there is hardly any room to move. The function not only jam-packed with people, it was also filled with presentations and talks by international designers who are flown in especially for this event. Namely, they are Thailand’s Thanawat Chongmahakul & Sasis Suwonpakprak(Bangkok 2), Australia’s Michael Dawidowicz(Urban Collective) and Malaysia’s Liew Sanyen of (If) Interactive. These sessions are especially inspiring for those students, some even came all the way from Penang. Gilamon also did our bit by demonstrating the creative process of silkscreening on t-shirts. We have shown the crowd two methods, cross printing and mixed colour printing. We have created a brand new design which featured the art of three of us in conjunction with the launch. We were very happy with the attentant of the audiences as well as the opportunity to talk to them. We also get a chance to know some local and international designers. All in all, it was a great evening.

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