July 1, 2006

Taipei Toy Festival 2006

We were among the 40 groups who participated in the recent Taipei Toy Festival 2006. As reported earlier, our creation Cannibal Boy’s prototype figurine was revealed during the festival. Click on to the photo section on the right to check it out. Cannibal Boy, a creation of Michael and Sau Lim, will be produced by Pixie and it will be available for sale in next year’s festival. Michael also did a few items for Pixie, among them are a serie of comics entitled “So What Junior” based on Pixie’s So What figurines and a packaging illustration for Asian superstar Jay Chou’s Omni x Pixie’s “Mine” So What figurine. So What Junior’s animation which featured the character design by Michael, were shown thru-out the festival. Michael, the sole member of Gilamon who attended the fest(we are running on a limited budget here) would like to thank those who have taken care of him during the trip. They are 22, Wan Hen, Kenny Wong, Jukai, Ben Lam, Ian, Lily, Steven, Mark and Pixie crew among others.

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