May 2, 2012

Introducing Jimi Germ

Jimi Germ, the newest creation of Lefty, is the latest member of the Gilamon family. Jimi Germ is an eccentric young man who battles demons and strange diseases with his knowledge in traditional germ handling in a fictional modern Asia. He may be deemed as an outcast by the society (he breathes and breeds germs) but when there is a strange case which modern science couldn’t solve, the authority will (reluctantly) call him in.

Lefty won MDeC's Intellectual Property Creator Challenge(IPCC) recently with Jimi Germ, and with its financial aid, has produced a motion comics with One Eye Fish Studio. The motion comics also features the score by Michelle Chong. Here is the YouTube trailer specially produced by One Eye Fish for Malaysia Game & Comic Con (MGCCon).

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