February 27, 2011

SIX: The Rebirth reviewed on CBR

After Major Zombie: Love & Loss graphic novel is reviewed in CBR (Comic Book Resources) Comics Should Be Good column. On the February 24 in the installment, Sau Lim and Tan Eng Huat's SIX: The Rebirth is being reviewed as well.
SIX is available at G&B Comics (Block 1 Rochor Center, Singapore, tel: 6837 2280), Prologue @Ion and all Kinokuniya outlets in Singapore and Malaysia.

Here is part of the review by Brian Cronin:

In any event, once you get into the stories themselves, they’re engaging romps. Chin Sau Lim creates some interesting personalities for the police (and whoever designed their outfits – good stuff, very cool looking squad uniforms, as you can see on the cover). Also, as noted, Tan Eng Huat is an excellent artist, so he draws a very compelling action drama. Over-the-top action but grounded in human emotion. A Mecha goes nuts after the woman that the Mecha is based on also goes nuts (something about babies), so it begins to attack a hospital. The police show up and have to distract her while the other cops try to hunt down which person this particular Mecha was based on. It was a fast-paced race to the “finish,” and it was quite tense and exciting.

The second story, written and drawn by Chin Sau Lim, was a little more laid back. Chin Sau Lim is a fine artist, as well, and his moodier artwork worked well for a tale of revenge, just taken perhaps in the “after-life.”

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