December 7, 2010

Gilamon @STGCC 2010

Gilamon 's booth @Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention (STGCC) is B24, just a stone throw away from the Walk of Fame guest artists autograph area. Please come over to meet Tan Eng Huat, Lefty, Chin Sau Lim and Michael Chuah during the con. Don't forget to get our all new products while you are there and ask the artists to autograph them for you.

Gilamon products launching at STGCC are:
Major Zombie: Love & Loss graphic novel by Lefty & Tan Eng Huat
Six: The Rebirth graphic novel by Tan Eng Huat & Chin Sau Lim
Gilamon Sketchbook 01 by Tan Eng Huat, Chin Sau Lim & Lefty
Major Zombie: Heavy Landing t-shirt by Tan Eng Huat
Major Zombie: In Your Face t-shirt by Lefty

All items are self produced and published in very limited quantity so please come over early to avoid disappointment. Look for Signed and numbered Major Zombie: Love & Loss which has original sketches by Tan Eng Huat & Lefty. Free Six poster with every purchase of Six: The Rebirth.

Gilamon's schedule during STGCC

Thu, 9 Dec
6-8pm activity: autograph session @G&B Comics, Block 1 Rochor Center, #02-500, Singapore 180001.

Fri, 10 Dec
9-noon activity: Lefty promoting Gilamon new products and sharing his experience in the industry at Nanyang Pollytechnic together with comics legend David lloyd

Sat, 11 Dec
11-11:45am Tan Eng Huat signing @Walk of Fame
12noon-1pm Tan Eng Huat @Panel: Singapore as A Comic Hub by 2020
6:45-7:15pm Tan Eng Huat, Lefty & Chin Sau Lim @Panel: Gilamon Studio presents

Sun, 12 Dec
12noon-12:45pm Tan Eng Huat @Panel: Comics merchandising
5:30-6pm Tan Eng Huat signing @Walk of Fame


Samual said...

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StoryTeller said...

i'm from KL Malaysia, a so called fan of u guys... specially Mr. Tan Eng Huat. with the reason busy, that i did not had the chance to go to the STGCC, so, just wondering where else can i get the: 'Major Zombie: Love & Loss', 'Six: The Rebirth' & 'Gilamon Sketchbook 01', also what are the price in RM?

Sau Lim said...

Hi StoryTeller,

You can get 'Major Zombie: Love & Loss' and 'Six: The Rebirth' at Kinokuniya KLCC now. Gilamon Sketchbook01 will only be available in the comic convention we appear in, sorry.

StoryTeller said...

cool... will u guys go to the comic feasta coming weekend.? doing any sells there..?

Sau Lim said...

Hi StoryTeller,

Yes, me and Eng Huat will be there, at Bigbros workshop booth doing signing. You can get our books there as well.

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