April 4, 2009

Lefty @NYCC

Lefty who was sent by his company Storm Lion to New York Comic Convention recently, has a few pictures to share:

^ Giant-size He-Man greets the fanboys at the entrance

^ Crowd coming in

^ At Radical booth: l>r Steve Pugh (Hot-wire), Teddy Cebugos, Jeremy Berger, Barry Levine, Steve Niles (City of Dust; 30 Days of Night), Jesse Berger, Edmund Shern, Gianluca and Lefty

^ Lat's Kampung Boy at First Second booth

^ Top Cow booth

^ Rows of back issues up for grabs

^ More back issues!

^ Chewie in the house

^ A cosplayer getting ready

^ Marvel's Cuppa Joe panel, well hosted by EIC Joe Quesada. In the good tradition of this panel, readers lining up for the Q&A, Joe (with other Marvel creators like Bendis) answer like pros. Very cool panel.

^ The audience of various panels

^ The very big panel(check out the size of the people right under it) of Prototype, a game to be develop into a comic series by Jim Lee and his Wild Storm crew.


Adijin said...

Blue He-Man! :D

Nice pics

Lefty said...

Hahahaha... Yeah, blue he-man or mutant smurf :P

Thanks for the compliment, my fren!