July 11, 2008

STCC Article in The Star

Here is a link to an article about STCC, which appeared in Malaysian English dailies, The Star on the 11th of July, 2008. It is written by Kaleon Rahan for his regular comics column, Worlds of Wonder. Check it out :)

Read it here: Fan-tastic Show

July 10, 2008

adidas X hellboy

Micheal has been invited to perform a life painting of Hellboy during the launch of Adidas x Hellboy at Pavilion on the 10 of July, 2008. Here are some of the images captured during the event.

More can be found at Streething and Edmund's(Yayawoo) blog.

July 6, 2008

gilamon @STCC(singapore toy & comic convention), 27-29 june 2008

Lefty has posted an entry of his STCC experience in IACAScW.(Inaugural Asian Comis Art Symposium come Workshop, probably the most constructive and helpful comic industry-based forum in Malaysia)

You can also read about what IACAScW moderator, Hafidz Mahpar's thought about the event as well as Rizal Solomon's article which appeared as a cover story in NST Life & Times on the 4th of July, 2008. Both are great reads.

Here are some images we captured during the 3 days. More images @michaelchuahdesign.

The impressive crowd outside the hall

Special guest artist leaving their wonderful markson the main entrance back drop

Pete Fowler & Tokidoki finishing up their part

Gary Erskine drawing Dan Dare

Bandai booth

If only they are real...

Our friend in Singapore, the incredible Imaginary Friend Studio(IFS)! Respects!

Prototype figurines from the up and coming Freedom Formula comics by IFS

The Association of Comic Artists, Singapore((ACAS)

Artists showing their talents @ACAS

Our Malaysian comrades @Gempak Starz booth, busy recruiting artists

Storm Troopers getting friendly with the crowd

The business is so good @Gloomy', even the wall are up for sale!

A few more and we can go home, or go for a drink!

Sonny Liew, who also has a booth, comes for a visit

Our Singaporean partner, Rixou of SoraWorks, whom we shared the booth

l>r: Lefty, designer Driv & Michael

Our friends from Malaysia, (l>r): Mike(pipit), Ivery(Pipit), Edmund(Yayawoo), Lefty & Michael

Lefty with British artist Gary Erskine

Winston holding his collection of Wonder Woman sketches, with Michael and Lefty at Gilamon's booth

Gilamon products at a glance

Michael explains about Gilamon Studio

Wonder Woman, the Amazombie Warrior, Lefty's sketch for Winston

Lefty with the main STCC back drop