May 15, 2008

Kosmo Interview

Lefty was interviewed by a Bahasa Malaysia daily Kosmo during the PeKOMIK MiniKon. It appeared in the 8th May Issue. His segment of the interview was about Malaysian comic scene in the 90's.

For those who missed it and also for those who could not read Bahasa Malaysia, here are the key points:

The major players in Malaysian comic scene during the 90's:
• Image Comics and the presents of mainstream(X-Men. Batman), and indie(Cerebus, Nexus) American comics and the booming of comics speciality shops(Mind Shop, Comics Corner, Final Frontier, Comixtra, Headmaster etc)
• The beginning of comic adaptations to Hollywood blockbusters (e.g Tim Burton's Batman)
• Comic book colouring being upgraded to digital colouring mainly from the Image titles, it changed the way comics are being coloured
• Manga invasion
• The present of internet
• The awareness of creator rights

If you have anything to add, feel free to drop a line. We are sure there will be a lot more.

On a side topic, Lefty were asked about the differences among comics by the three major races in Malaysia, which are the Malay, Chinese and Indians. To his opinion, Malay comics has more exaggerated expressions and the humour are more slapsticks while the Chinese likes cute and pretty elements (much influenced by the Japanese). Lefty could not comment on Indian comics because he hardly see any in the local market.

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