March 12, 2008

Moovable Event

Here are photographs from Get Mooving: Moovable Art 2008
02.03.2008, Palate Palette Kuala Lumpur 5pm to 10pm

Left to right
1 Gilamon 3-sters and DJ Jonvu
2 Michael and Sau Lim printing the tee while Lefty took this picture
3-4 Some of the displayed mini posters

From left to right
1 Chun Woei of Urban Creatures hand painting his creature
2 Jay Lim Design
3-4 Lestat

From left to right
1 Black Fryday
2 Plushism
3 DJ Jonvu spinning (Go to Yellow Cockroach Design for his line of apparels)

From left to right
1 Michael and his collection of chic pics part 2,592: Yisuen
2 Part 2,593: Eos(not related to any Canon digital camera) and Tutu5
3 Left to right: Yisuen, er a friend, Mike & Ivory (forever happy) Pipit, Mike Gilamon and Vivian Jay Lim Design

Left to right
1 Turn up for the night was rather impressive
2-3 The Moovable mobile, Honda Jazz with sticker design by some of the local designers

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Gadis di Tepi Tingkap said...

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