June 1, 2007

Talk Talk

As a grant winner who have completed our task, Gilamon was invited to share their experience during MDeC’s Digital Comic Talk. The event, which is to encourage participation in the MSC IP Creator Challenge was held at the KL Hilton on the 14th of June, 2007. The hall was packed with closed to a hundred audiences. Among them are college and university students, veteran and up coming talents.

Lefty gave the talk on behalf of Gilamon, shared about Gilamon’s work and background, elaborating on how we are trying to cross the border to other fields such as fashion, design and digital. He also gave out tips for those who are going to take part in the IP Challenge. Lefty shared the stage with PeKOMIK president, Mohamad Azhar Abdullah and Malaysian comic legend, Jaafar Taib. Aadi Salman, Milx, Alan Quah, Kromosom and Eisu are among the cream of the crop of Malaysian comic industry who came to show their support.

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