June 1, 2005

Exclusive Preview from Billy Tan

Here is an exclusive look at Billy Tan's(Marvel Knight Spider-Man, X-23) creator own project, Ghost Kid. The synopsis, as provided by MunKao(series co-creator and Billy's brother) goes like this:
Garlic grabbing, Latin spewing, holy water in a vial. None of that please. Ghostkid ain't your father's exorcist. More likely to befriend a ghost then destroy it. Jack(Ghostkid) runs an exorcism agency with his psychic granny, Ida in LA which has both exorcised and adopted many stray spirits and demons including a runaway demon princess and a 6 legged lizard who have both become Jack's best buds.
Jack helps keep the city "clean" with his sling bag of enchanted artifacts such as Chinese yellow charms, Mountain Dew that has been blessed and little holy firecrackers.
His methods are definitely representative of the cosmopolitan city he lives in complete with its idiosyncrasies.
Sounds good? Keep a look out @this site for more info soon!

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